About the Artist.

Hundreds of this guy's paintings have found homes. Most of these paintings were sold for asking price. This sounds like somebody who is probably a ridiculously successful and rich artist. Rich? No. Successful? Depends on your definition.

So I could write more about myself here, but anything you could want to know about me you could either glean from my Facebook account or from asking me in a message or searching around on the internet.

What matters to me, and what I want to share more than anything, is my belief in art.

I am a strong believer that all people should be able to have, enjoy, and experience art.

I feel that many artists say that, but sadly, don't walk the walk.

The reason I have sold so many pieces of art isn't because I'm amazing, or highly sought after. It's because I want people to have art. It's because I am willing to work with you to realize what you want to have on your wall, or at your desk, or in your bedroom, so that it is something you love. I want it to be not just something by me. I want it to be yours.

Art isn't some luxury just afforded by the ultra-riche. Art isn't entirely supported by people who have never had to do their own laundry or clean their own houses. That's why I work with you to figure out what you can afford for something you'll love.

Now why, you ask, am I not just giving my work out for free? Surely that way, EVERYBODY would have a piece of art on their walls...

When a person has to work for anything, just like many of the possessions you probably own, there is pride put in that work. "I put in my time," you say to yourself, "and this is what I earned from it." And what you purchase with that money, whether it be a brand new car to a thrift-shop pair of jeans, it's something you earned with your own effort. I want you to feel like you earned the art on your wall, and for you to love it for that very reason as well. Treat yourself to something you can keep, because you deserve it. You deserve to stay inspired because you work hard.

So send me an email. If you like something that I have available with a price on it, let me know. If you saw something that has found its home some time ago, I'd be willing to revisit the idea. And if you have an idea that is so crazy and off the wall (or inversely, something you've seen somewhere else and you LOVE), I'll give it a shot for you. You deserve art that you love. Let me make it for you.